Best Hotels in Germany

Germany is one of the top travel destinations in Europe, due to its plethora of attractions. It boasts top-notch accommodations with world-class service and hospitality. These hotels definitely worth a visit:

  • Hotel Elephant: It is one of the oldest and the most elegant and best hotel in Germany, which has been in operation for more than three centuries. Any visitor would agree that it is the epitome of luxury and sophistication.
  • Bayerischer Hof: It is a world-class hotel in Munich, which features elegant bars and restaurants. With services worthy of royalty, it is simply one of the Germany’s best.
  • The Regent: It promises luxury for all visors and among the best hotels in Germany. With a luxurious spa and world-class dining facility, it is nothing short of a wonderful 5-star facility.
  • Intercontinental Dusseldorf: With hundreds of comfortable rooms and sites, it offers 5-star hospitality and the hotel is only a short walk from the center of cultural sights and finest shopping the city has to offer.

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