Best Hotels in Ireland

Ireland is comfortably located at the northwest corner of Europe and even it is often perceived as a simple country, you can find many extravagant hotels. If you plan on visiting Ireland at the not too distant future, you should consider booking one of these wonderful hotels.

  • The Merrion Hotel: It is located in the modern city of Dublin and considered as one of the best hotels in the country. National History Museum, National Gallery, multiple fine dining restaurants and lively pubs are within walking distance.
  • Salthill Hotel: The Salthill is also among the Best Hotels in Ireland, which is located in the wonderful city of Galway. Besides featuring modern furnishing, it is also situated along a scenic coast. Its amenities include bar, restaurant, bar, jacuzzi, sauna, indoor swimming pool, fitness center and also a BBQ facility.
  • Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort: It is often labeled as the most beautiful hotel in the country with a class in its own. The hotel features modern rooms, walking paths, walled garden, chimneys and hundreds of stained glass windows. Even if it’s a tad bit expensive, you can get one of the must memorable accommodations in Ireland.

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