Best Hotels in Italy

Many things in Italy just can’t be described with simple words. No documentary TV programs and books can do the justice to the marvel of Italy. One actually needs to visit the country to grasp the real meaning of Italy. Many hotels in Italy offer only the best accommodation to any traveler, which can make a trip to Italy a worthwhile experience. These are a few Best Hotels in Italy you should choose when visiting Italy:

  • Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay at Sicily: It was constructed in 1960 and was recently renovated to meet superior classic luxury standards. There are only 8 suites in this hotel and the rest of them are fully furnished with amenities that can make guests’ stay feels luxurious and comfortable.
  • Hotel Splendide Royal Rome in Rome: Colossal, regal and luxury defines its worth. It is a classic palace remodeled into an exquisite luxury hotel, with world-class amenities and immaculate interiors.
  • Grand Hotel Quisisana in Napoli: It is a 5-star luxury hotel with top-notch facilities. It was originally a sanatorium and now becomes a luxurious symbol of Capri, Napoli.

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