Cheap Accommodation in Canada

In rural areas of Canada, you can find many motels (motor hotels), which are both simple and small, Visitors can pay as little as $40 to get a room for one night. Another nice option is bed and breakfast (B&B), many are people’s homes modified for guests. From $45 per night, visitors can get a room and breakfast for two.

Youth hostels are also good choice, they offer private rooms ($45 per night) or shared dorms ($20 per night) Useful sources of cheap accommodation in Canada are Pacific Hostel Network, Backpackers Hostels Canada and Hostelling International Canada. Overall, hostels and motels in Canada meet high standards.

Contact universities in large cities to find out whether they rent the dormitory during academic off season, usually between May and August. In addition, you can easily find campgrounds in Canada, they range from publicly operated campgrounds to privately-owned RV parks, and they are generally very beautiful and well-kept.

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