Cheap Accommodations in Australia

In Australia, it’s easy to find cheap hostel-style accommodation and there also dorms that cost only $20 per night. They usually include food storage areas and refrigeration in a fully-equipped kitchen. Many hostels also have TV, dining tables and living room areas. In Australia, you can find some hostel chains. If you stay for many nights in Australia, it is advisable to stick with a hostel brand and get discount cards. They may also offer tour discounts and other loyalty bonuses.

On the other hand, motel-style accommodation offers private rooms with multiple beds and private shower/toilet. You can also ask for family rooms in motels; but near cities, the cost may upwards from $80 for two people, while price for additional children can be free or as high as $20. You can get standby discounts during quiet times. Most motels serve continental breakfast to each occupied room in the morning, usually for an additional charge.

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