Cheap Accommodations in France

If this is the first time you visit France, you should know that you don’t have to choose top-rated hotels to get a comfortable accommodation. In France, there are a wide variety of accommodation options.

  • Chambers d’hotes: These are the French version of bed and breakfast and can be a great place to stay after a long day of travel.
  • Gites: These small apartments can be a wonderful money-saving option. They cost far less than a standard hotel and you can stay in for meals.
  • Logis: These small hotel-restaurant establishments can be a wonderful place to stay. They are relatively affordable and you can have an easy access to local cuisine.
  • Beinvenue a la ferme: Some farms in France provide comfortable accommodation for tourist. Because they are owned privately, they range from a simple campground to a quaint bed & breakfast.

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