Cheap Hotels in India

India is a magical land with countless attractions, cultures, traditions and monuments. Many travelers visit the country each year and many more are coming. Cheap hotels in India offer contending and relaxing stay for visitors, which can be found on nearly every corner of the country.

One of the strongest attractions of India is that foreigners can get so many things for a set amount of budget, India promises low-cost vacation and good hotels can cost far less compared to what you can find in other countries. In fact, it is quite possible to get a nice room for as low as $15 per night. Examples of cheap hotels in India are

  • Bougainvillea Guest House Goa
  • Tourist Hotel in Manali
  • Sajhome in Kochi (Cochin),
  • Oceanic Pearl Studio Apartments in Calangute
  • Kannur Beach House in Kannur
  • Hotel Fifu in Jaisalmer
  • Sunder Palace Guest House in Jaipur

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