Cheap Hotels in Ireland

Although there are many cheap hotels in Ireland for you to choose from, they don’t lack in services. Any hotel owner would agree that customers still want quality. With comfortable amenities, you’ll be assured excellent value for money. However during peak seasons, it is recommended to book in advance.

Hotels in Ireland are under classified under 5-star system, and it is recommended for you to choose 1-star or 2-star hotels.

  • 1-star hotels are available in many parts of Ireland. They offer basic necessities and simple accommodation at low rates.
  • 2-star hotels are considered as economical hotels and they provide standard hotel accommodation at affordable and discounted rates, yet offering nice lodging that matches your requirements. Some are family-operated premises and offer more personalized accommodation than typical hotels.

These are examples of cheap hotels in Ireland, Charleville Lodge and Ardmore Hotel in Dublin, Park House Hotel and Forster Court Hotel in Galway; and The Ross and Loch Lein Country House in Killarney.

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