Cheap Hotels in Italy

Italy is located in Southern Europe and has relatively warmer climate than its northern neighbors. The country is popular among those who are looking for romantic vacation. However, if you are traveling with your family, it is prudent to choose cheaper hotels in Italy. You should stay in these cheap and comfortable hotels when visiting Italy:

  1. Roi Hotel Rome
    It’s situated in the San Giovanni area and widely considered as a beautiful hotel. It offers easy access to popular attractions in Rome, such as shopping streets and Vatican City. As a budget hotel it still offers many amenities, such as car rental, free internet access, restaurant and others.
  1. Roxy Hotel
    This budget hotel is located near the heart of Milan and offers you calmer surrounding. Its rates are very low and you simply can’t ask for more.
  1. Hotel Morgana Rome
    It is an affordable 4-star hotel, which is outfitted with numerous modern conveniences.

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