Cheap Hotels in USA

Cleanness and quality are factors you should prioritize even if when you’re looking for a cheap hotel in USA. Sometimes, more expensive hotels are not cleaner. Reputation is even more important for cheap hotels, because it guarantees a great combination between quality and affordable rates. In the US, you should try the “Vegas Trickā€ that is by trying to book the cheapest available in a hotel and ask afterwards, whether you’re eligible for a room upgrade.

Tipping the front desk staff can help you to get a better room without paying additional fee. This trick often works during low-season, where most rooms are unoccupied. These are examples of some of the best bargain hotels in the USA:

  • SeaCoast Inn in Hyannis, Massachusetts
  • Comfort Suites Magnolia Greens in Leland, North Carolina
  • New Victorian Inn & Suites in Norfolk, Nebraska
  • Desert Inn in Mojave, California
  • The Motor Lodge in Prescott, Arizona

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