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In major German cities, there are usually hotels owned by international chains. Hotels in Germany are ranked between 1 to 5 stars. The rankings are made by an independent organization and therefore reliable. The room rate includes VAT and price may vary significantly, Frankfurt and Munich are known for their more expensive hotels. However, some hotel chains are more affordable, for example Ibis hotels offer convenient and cheap accommodation and they usually can be found near railway stations. If you travel by car often during your trip in Germany, you should choose Etap hotels which are mostly located near autobahns and at suburbs.

Germany has plenty of luxury hotels and they usually have more than 250 rooms. These hotels offer elegant and sophisticated public spaces. The service is impeccable and the staff is unusually welcoming. You can ask porter to take your baggage and the typical tip is €1 per bag. The rooms are beautifully furnished and generally spacious, they usually contain high speed Wi-Fi, minibar, cable TV, bathrobes and others Each luxury hotel usually has a couple of fine gourmet restaurants, but unfortunately, in some hotels you don’t get free breakfast, Charges for a meal may range anywhere from €20 to €25. Popular luxury hotel chains in Germany are Steigenberger, Le Meridien, Kempinski and Hyatt. Among the most luxurious hotels are Kempinski Hotel Adlon (Berlin) and Hotel Excelsior Ernst (Cologne).

There are numerous boutique hotels in Germany with fewer than 70 rooms, which offer more personalized services. Examples of boutique hotels are Der Kleine Prinze, which located in Baden-Bade, Hotel Brandenburger Hof in Berlin, and the Bleibtreu in Berlin.

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Harburg Hotels
Harlaching Hotels
Harlesiel Hotels
Harpstedt Hotels
Harrislee Hotels
Hartenstein Hotels
Hartmannsdorf Hotels
Harz Lower Saxony Hotels
Harz Saxony Anhalt Hotels
Haselhorst Hotels
Hassloch Hotels
Hattersheim Hotels
Hattingen Hotels
Hauenstein Hotels
Hausern Hotels
Hauzenberg Hotels
Havixbeck Hotels
Heide Hotels
Heidelberg Hotels
Heidenheim An Der Brenz Hotels
Heigenbrucken Hotels
Heilbronn Hotels
Heiligendamm Hotels
Heiligenhaus Hotels
Heiligenroth Hotels
Heiligensee Nord Hotels
Heiligenthal Hotels
Heinersdorf Hotels
Heitersheim Hotels
Helgoland Hotels
Helmstadt Hotels
Helmstedt Hotels
Helmstorf Hotels
Hennef Hotels
Hennigsdorf Hotels
Henstedt Ulzburg Hotels
Heppenheim An Der Bergstrasse Hotels
Heppenheim Hotels
Herbolzheim Hotels
Herdecke Hotels
Herford Hotels
Heringhausen Hotels
Herleshausen Hotels
Hermsdorf Hotels
Herrenberg Hotels
Herrieden Hotels
Herrsching Am Ammersee Hotels
Herten Hotels
Herzberg Am Harz Hotels
Herzlake Hotels
Herzogenaurach Hotels
Herzogsweiler Hotels
Hesel Hotels
Hessisch Oldendorf Hotels
Heubach Hotels
Heusenstamm Hotels
Hilden Hotels
Hildesheim Hotels
Hille Hotels
Hilpoltstein Hotels
Hindelang Hotels
Hinterzarten Hotels
Hirsau Hotels
Hirschberg Hotels
Hitzacker Hotels
Hochenschwand Hotels
Hochst Hotels
Hockenheim Hotels
Hodenhagen Hotels
Hoechberg Hotels
Laudenbach Hotels
Laupheim Hotels
Lauscha Hotels
Lauterbach Hotels
Lebbenau Hotels
Leer Hotels
Legden Hotels
Lehrte Hotels
Leimen Hotels
Leipzig Hotels
Lembruch Hotels
Lengenfeld Hotels
Lenggries Hotels
Leonberg Hotels
Leverkusen Hotels
Lichtenau Hotels
Lichtenberg Hotels
Lichtenfels Hotels
Lichtenrade Hotels
Lichtenstein Hotels
Lichtenwalde Hotels
Lichterfelde Hotels
Liebenwalde Hotels
Lieberhausen Hotels
Lilienthal Hotels
Limburg An Der Lahn Hotels
Limburg Hotels
Limburgerhof Hotels
Lindau Hotels
Lindberg Hotels
Linderbach Hotels
Linstow Hotels
Lippstadt Hotels
Lobbe Hotels
Loecherberg Hotels
Lohmar Hotels
Lohmen Hotels
Lohne Hotels
Lohr Hotels
Lorrach Hotels
Lossburg Hotels
Lowenstein Hotels
Lower Bavaria Hotels
Lower Rhine Hotels
Lubars Hotels
Lubeck Hotels
Luckenwalde Hotels
Ludwigsburg Hotels
Ludwigsfelde Hotels
Ludwigshafen Hotels
Ludwigslust Hotels
Luedenscheid Hotels
Luetjenburg Hotels
Luneburg Heath Hotels
Luneburg Hotels
Lunen Hotels
Lunzenau Hotels
Magdeburg Hotels
Mahlow Hotels
Mahlsdorf Hotels
Maintal Hotels
Mainz Hotels
Malchow Hotels
Malente Hotels
Manching Hotels
Mannheim Hotels
Marburg An Der Lahn Hotels
Marburg Hotels
Maria Laach Hotels
Mariendorf Hotels
Marienfelde Hotels
Markkleeberg Hotels
Markranstadt Hotels
Marktbreit Hotels
Marktheidenfeld Hotels
Marktredwitz Hotels
Marl Hotels
Marzahn Hotels
Maselheim Hotels
Masserberg Hotels
Mayschoss Hotels
Mecklenburger Seenplatte Hotels
Meerane Hotels
Meerbusch Hotels
Meersburg Hotels
Meiningen Hotels
Meisdorf Hotels
Meissen Hotels
Melbeck Hotels
Meldorf Hotels
Melle Hotels
Mellingen Hotels
Melsdorf Hotels
Melsungen Hotels
Memmelsdorf Hotels
Memmingen Hotels
Mengershausen Hotels
Mengerskirchen Hotels
Merseburg Hotels
Meschede Hotels
Mettingen Hotels
Mettlach Hotels
Mettmann Hotels
Metzingen Hotels
Michelstadt Hotels
Michendorf Hotels
Middle Rhine Hotels
Miesbach Hotels
Miltenberg Hotels
Minden Hotels
Mittelkalbach Hotels
Mittenwald Hotels
Mitterfels Hotels
Mitterfirmiansreut Hotels
Mitwitz Hotels
Moerfelden Hotels
Moers Hotels
Monchengladbach Hotels
Monheim Hotels
Montabaur Hotels
Moos Hotels
Moosach Hotels
Moritzburg Hotels
Moselle Nahe Hotels
Much Hotels
Muenster Hotels
Muensterland Hotels
Muggelheim Hotels
Muggendorf Hotels
Muhldorf Am Inn Hotels
Muhlhausen Hotels
Muhltal Hotels
Mulheim An Der Ruhr Hotels
Mulheim Hotels
Munich Area Hotels
Munich Hotels
Munnerstadt Hotels
Munstertal Hotels
Murnau Hotels
Murrhardt Hotels
Nakensdorf Hotels
Naumburg Hesse Hotels
Naumburg Hotels
Naunhof Hotels
Neckarsulm Hotels
Nennig Hotels
Nesselwang Hotels
Nettetal Hotels
Neu Isenburg Hotels
Neu Ulm Hotels
Neubrandenburg Hotels
Neuburg Am Inn Hotels
Neuburg Hotels
Neuenkirchen Hotels
Neuerburg Hotels
Neufahrn Bei Freising Hotels
Neufahrn Hotels
Neuhardenberg Hotels
Neuhausen Hotels
Neuhermsdorf Hotels
Neukirchen Vluyn Hotels
Neukolln Hotels
Neumarkt In Der Oberpfalz Hotels
Neumunster Hotels
Neuruppin Hotels
Neuss Hotels
Neustadt Am Rennsteig Hotels
Neustadt An Der Donau Hotels
Neustadt An Der Waldnaab Hotels
Neustadt An Der Weinstrasse Hotels
Neustadt Glewe Hotels
Neustadt Hotels
Neustadt In Holstein Hotels
Niederkassel Hotels
Niedernhausen Hotels
Niederschonhausen Hotels
Niederstetten Hotels
Niederstotzingen Hotels
Niederwerbe Hotels
Niederwiesa Hotels
Niederzissen Hotels
Niefern Hotels
Nieheim Hotels
Niendorf Hotels
Nierstein Hotels
Niewitz Hotels
Nikolassee Hotels
Nittel Hotels
Noerdlingen Hotels
Nohfelden Hotels
Norddeich Hotels
Norden Hotels
Nordenham Hotels
Norderney Hotels
Norderstedt Hotels
Nordlingen Hotels
Norten Hardenberg Hotels
North Sea Coast Lower Saxony Hotels
North Sea Coast Schleswig Holstein Hotels
Northeast Lake District Hotels
Northeim Hotels
Northern Black Forest Hotels
Northern Hesse Hotels
Nuertingen Hotels
Nufringen Hotels
Numbrecht Hotels
Nurburg Hotels
Nuremberg Hotels
Nurnberg Hotels
Nurtingen Hotels
Oberammergau Hotels
Oberaudorf Hotels
Oberaula Hotels
Oberbreitzbach Hotels
Oberharmersbach Hotels
Oberhausen Hotels
Oberhof Hotels
Oberkirch Hotels
Oberlahr Hotels
Obermaiselstein Hotels
Obernzell Hotels
Oberorke Hotels
Oberpfaffenhofen Hotels
Oberried Hotels
Oberschleissheim Hotels
Oberschoneweide Hotels
Obersendling Hotels
Oberstaufen Hotels
Oberstdorf Hotels
Obertrubach Hotels
Oberursel Hotels
Oberwiesenthal Hotels
Ochsenfurt Hotels
Ochsenhausen Hotels
Ockenheim Hotels
Odenwald Hotels
Offenbach Hotels
Offenburg Hotels
Ohlsdorf Hotels
Ohlstadt Hotels
Olbernhau Hotels
Olching Hotels
Oldenburg Hotels
Oldenburger Munsterland Hotels
Olsberg Hotels
Ore Mountains Hotels
Orscholz Hotels
Oschersleben Hotels
Osnabruck Hotels
Osnabrucker Land Hotels
Osten Hotels
Osterfeld Hotels
Ostfildern Hotels
Ostseebad Ahrenshoop Hotels
Ostseebad Baabe Hotels
Ostseebad Binz Hotels
Ostseebad Boltenhagen Hotels
Ostseebad Dierhagen Hotels
Ostseebad Goehren Hotels
Ostseebad Prerow Hotels
Ostseebad Sellin Hotels
Ostseebad Wustrow Hotels
Ostwig Hotels
Otterberg Hotels
Otterndorf Hotels
Ottobrunn Hotels
Oversee Hotels
Oynhausen Hotels
Paderborn Hotels
Paewesin Hotels
Pankow Hotels
Parchim Hotels
Parsberg Hotels
Partenkirchen Hotels
Pasewalk Hotels
Pasing Hotels
Passau Hotels
Pegnitz Hotels
Peine Hotels
Peissen Hotels
Petershagen Hotels
Pfahlbronn Hotels
Pfalzgrafenweiler Hotels
Pfinztal Hotels
Pforzheim Hotels
Pfronten Hotels
Pfullendorf Hotels
Pfullingen Hotels
Pinneberg Hotels
Pirna Hotels
Plau Am See Hotels
Plau Hotels
Plaue Hotels
Plauen Hotels
Pleinfeld Hotels
Pliening Hotels
Pliezhausen Hotels
Plochingen Hotels
Pobershau Hotels
Pommelsbrunn Hotels
Porta Westfalica Hotels
Possneck Hotels

Potsdam Area Hotels
Potsdam Hotels
Preetz 24 Hotels
Preetz Hotels
Probbach Hotels
Puchheim Hotels
Pulheim Hotels
Putbus Hotels
Putzbrunn Hotels
Quedlinburg Hotels
Quickborn Hotels
Radeberg Hotels
Radebeul Hotels
Radefeld Hotels
Radevormwald Hotels
Rahden Hotels
Rahlstedt Hotels
Rain Hotels
Raisdorf Hotels
Ralswiek Hotels
Rammingen Hotels
Ramsau Hotels
Rantum Hotels
Rastatt Hotels
Rathen Hotels
Ratingen Hotels
Rauenberg Hotels
Raunheim Hotels
Ravensburg Hotels
Rechenberg Bienenmuhle Hotels
Recklinghausen Hotels
Rees Hotels
Regensburg Hotels
Reichelshofen Hotels
Reichenau Hotels
Reichenbach Hotels
Reilingen Hotels
Reinbek Hotels
Reinhardsachsen Hotels
Reinickendorf Hotels
Reinsehlen Hotels
Rellingen Hotels
Remagen Hotels
Remscheid Hotels
Remshalden Hotels
Rettenbach Hotels
Reutlingen Hotels
Rheda Wiedenbruck Hotels
Rheinsberg Glienicke Hotels
Rheinsberg Hotels
Rhine Neckar Hotels
Rhinehesse Palatinate Hotels
Ribnitz Hotels
Riedstadt Hotels
Riesa Hotels
Riesenbeck Hotels
Rimbach Hotels
Rimsting Hotels
Rinteln Hotels
Rod An Der Weil Hotels
Rodelheim Hotels
Rodenbach Hotels
Rodgau Hotels
Roedermark Hotels
Romrod Hotels
Ronnenberg Hotels
Rosengarten Sieversen Hotels
Rosenheim Hotels
Rosenthal Hotels
Rossau Hotels
Rosshaupten Hotels
Rostock Hotels
Rotenburg An Der Fulda Hotels
Rotenburg Hotels
Roth Hotels
Rothenberg Hotels
Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber Hotels
Rottach Egern Hotels
Rottenburg Hotels
Rottweil Hotels
Rotz Hotels
Ruckholz Hotels
Rudersdorf Hotels
Rudesheim Hotels
Rudolfshaus Bei Kirn Hotels
Rudow Hotels
Ruhstorf Hotels
Ruper Hotels
Ruppichteroth Hotels
Russelsheim Hotels
Rust Hotels
Ruthen Kallenhardt Hotels
Saalfeld Hotels
Saarbruecken Hotels
Saarland Hotels
Saarlouis Hotels
Sachsen Hotels
Sagard Hotels
Salzburg Hotels
Salzgitter Hotels
Samtens Hotels
Sand Hotels
Sandebeck Hotels
Sankt Augustin Hotels
Sankt Englmar Hotels
Sankt Goar Hotels
Sankt Leon Hotels
Sankt Michaelisdonn Hotels
Sankt Peter Ording Hotels
SanSankt Margen Hotels
Sarstedt Hotels
Sasbachwalden Hotels
Sassnitz Hotels
Sauerlach Hotels
Sauerland Hotels
Saulgau Hotels
Saxon Castle And Heathland Hotels
Saxon Elbland Hotels
Saxon Switzerland Hotels
Saxony Anhalt Hotels
Schackendorf Hotels
Schallstadt Hotels
Schaprode Hotels
Schellerhau Hotels
Schellhorn Hotels
Schenefeld Hotels
Schermbeck Hotels
Schesslitz Hotels
Schierke Hotels
Schillig Hotels
Schillingsfurst Hotels
Schkeuditz Hotels
Schkopau Hotels
Schlangenbad Hotels
Schleswig Holstein Baltic Sea Coast Hotels
Schleswig Hotels
Schliersee Hotels
Schluechtern Hotels
Schlusselfeld Hotels
Schmalkalden Hotels
Schmallenberg Hotels
Schmargendorf Hotels
Schmockwitz Hotels
Schneeberg Hotels
Schneizlreuth Hotels
Schnetzenhausen Hotels
Schneverdingen Hotels
Schoenwald Hotels
Schoeppingen Hotels
Schomberg Hotels
Schonach Hotels
Schonau Am Konigssee Hotels
Schoneck Vogtlandkreis Hotels
Schonefeld Hotels
Schonewalde Hotels
Schonheide Hotels
Schonmunzach Hotels
Schopsdorf Hotels
Schorssow Hotels
Schwabach Hotels
Schwabisch Gmund Hotels
Schwabisch Hall Hotels
Schwaig Hotels
Schwalbach Hotels
Schwangau Hotels
Schwanheim Hotels
Schwarmstedt Hotels
Schwarzenberg Hotels
Schwarzenbruck Hotels
Schwarzheide Hotels
Schwarzmuhle Hotels
Schwedt Hotels
Schweinfurt Hotels
Schweitenkirchen Hotels
Schwerin Hotels
Schwetzingen Hotels
Schwieberdingen Hotels
Schwielowsee Hotels
Seckbach Hotels
Seebad Ahlbeck Hotels
Seebad Bansin Hotels
Seebad Heringsdorf Hotels
Seesen Hotels
Sehnde Hotels
Seiffen Hotels
Seligenstadt Hotels
Semlin Hotels
Sendenhorst Hotels
Shadi Kerke Phas Gaya
Shopsdorf Hotels
Sieber Hotels
Siegburg Hotels
Siegen Hotels
Siegerland Hotels
Siegsdorf Hotels
Siemensstadt Hotels
Sierksdorf Hotels
Sindelfingen Hotels
Singen Hotels
Sinsheim Hotels
Sinzig Hotels
Sipplingen Hotels
Sittensen Hotels
Sobernheim Hotels
Soest Hotels
Solingen Hotels
Soltau Hotels
Sommerfeld Hotels
Sondershausen Hotels
Sossenheim Hotels
Southern Black Forest Hotels
Spandau Hotels
Spay Hotels
Speyer Hotels
Spiegelau Hotels
Spieka Hotels
Spielweg Hotels
Spitzingsee Hotels
Spornitz Hotels
Spremberg Hotels
St Peter Ording Hotels
Stade Hotels
Stadtallendorf Hotels
Stadtoldendorf Hotels
Stamsried Hotels
Starnberg Hotels
Steckenroth Hotels
Steglitz Hotels
Steinbach Am Taunus Hotels
Steinheim Am Albuch Hotels
Steinheim Hotels
Stellingen Hotels
Stendal Hotels
Stockach Hotels
Stockelsdorf Hotels
Stolberg Hotels
Stolberg Saxony Anhalt Hotels
Stolpe Hotels
Stolpen Hotels
Storkow Hotels
Stralsund Hotels
Straubing Hotels
Strehla Hotels
Stromberg Hotels
Stuhr Hotels
Stuttgart Area Hotels
Stuttgart Hotels
Suderburg Hotels
Suhl Hotels
Sulzbach Hotels
Sulzberg Hotels
Sundern Hotels
Sussen Hotels
Swabia Hotels
Sylt Ost Hotels
Tabarz Hotels
Tabarz Thur Wald Hotels
Tamm Hotels
Tangermuende Hotels
Taucha Hotels
Tecklenburg Hotels
Tegernsee Hotels
Teistungen Hotels
Teltow Hotels
Tempelhof Hotels
Tennenbronn Hotels
Tettnang Hotels
Teutoburger Wald Hotels
Thuringia Hotels
Timmendorfer Strand Hotels
Tinnum Hotels
Titisee Neustadt Hotels
Todtmoos Hotels
Toenning Hotels
Tossens Hotels
Traben Trarbach Hotels
Trassem Hotels
Traunreut Hotels
Trautheim Hotels
Travemuende Hotels
Trebbin Hotels
Treis Karden Hotels
Trent Hotels
Treptow Hotels
Triberg Hotels
Trier Hotels
Trockenborn Wolfersdorf Hotels
Troisdorf Hotels
Trostau Hotels
Tubingen Hotels
Tuttlingen Hotels
Uckendorf Hotels
Uckerath Hotels
Ueberlingen Hotels
Ueckermunde Hotels
Uelzen Hotels
Uffenheim Hotels
Ulm Hotels
Undeloh Hotels
Unkel Hotels
Unna Hotels
Unterfohring Hotels
Unterhaching Hotels
Unterreichenbach Hotels
Unterschleissheim Hotels
Unterwossen Hotels
Upper Bavaria Hotels
Upper Lusatia Hotels
Upper Palatinate Hotels
Urbar Hotels
Urzig Hotels
Usedom Hotels
Usingen Hotels
Uslar Hotels
Usseln Hotels
Varel Hotels
Vaterstetten Hotels
Velbert Hotels
Velen Hotels
Verden Hotels
Verl Hotels
Vetschau Hotels
Viechtach Hotels
Viernheim Hotels
Villingen Hotels
Vlotho Hotels
Vogelsberg Hotels
Vogtland Hotels
Vogtsburg Hotels
Vohenstrauss Hotels
Vohl Hotels
Volkholz Hotels
Volksdorf Hotels
Wadersloh Hotels
Wahlscheid Hotels
Waiblingen Hotels
Waidmannslust Hotels
Waldachtal Hotels
Waldeck Hotels
Waldenburg Baden Wuerttemberg Hotels
Waldenburg Hotels
Waldkirch Hotels
Waldkirchen Hotels
Waldorf Hotels
Walldorf Hotels
Walldorf Near Heidelberg Hotels
Walldurn Hotels
Wallenhorst Hotels
Walpertskirchen Hotels
Walsrode Hotels
Waltenhofen Hotels
Wandlitz Hotels
Wandsbek Hotels
Wangen Hotels
Wangen Im Allgau Hotels
Wangerland Hotels
Wangerooge Hotels
Wannsee Hotels
Waren Hotels
Warendorf Hotels
Warnemunde Hotels
Warstein Hotels
Wart Hotels
Wartenberg Hotels
Wasserburg Hotels
Wassertrudingen Hotels
Wedding Hotels
Wedel Hotels
Weeze Hotels
Weikersheim Hotels
Weil Am Rhein Hotels
Weilbach Hotels
Weilburg Hotels
Weilheim Hotels
Weimar Hotels
Weinboehla Hotels
Weingarten Hotels
Weinheim Hotels
Weisenheim Am Berg Hotels
Weiskirchen Hotels
Weissenburg Hotels
Weissenfeld Hotels
Weissensee Hotels
Weitnau Hotels
Wemding Hotels
Wendeburg Hotels
Wenden Hotels
Wenningstedt Hotels
Wenningstedt Sylt Hotels
Wentorf Bei Hamburg Hotels
Werder Hotels
Werl Hotels
Wernau Hotels
Wernberg Koblitz Hotels
Werne Hotels
Werneck Hotels
Wernigerode Hotels
Wertheim Hotels
Wesel Hotels
Wesenberg Hotels
Wesendorf Hotels
Weserbergland Hotels
Wesseling Hotels
West Pomerania Hotels
Westend Hotels
Westerburg Hotels
Westerland Hotels
Western Brandenburg Hotels
Westerstede Hotels
Westerwald Hotels
Wettenberg Hotels
Wetter Hotels
Wetzlar Hotels
Weyhausen Hotels
Weyhe Hotels
Wieden Hotels
Wiederitzsch Hotels
Wiehl Hotels
Wiesbaden Hotels
Wiesbaden Taunus Rheingau Hotels
Wiesloch Hotels
Wiggensbach Hotels
Wildbad Im Schwarzwald Hotels
Wildenbrunch Hotels
Wildeshausen Hotels
Wilhelmsburg Hotels
Wilhelmshaven Hotels
Willebadessen Hotels
Willingen Hotels
Wilsdruff Hotels
Wilthen Hotels
Windeck Hotels
Windesheim Hotels
Windhagen Hotels
Wingst Hotels
Winnenden Hotels
Winsen Hotels
Winterbach Hotels
Winterberg Hotels
Winterscheid Hotels
Winzenhohl Hotels
Wirsberg Hotels
Wismar Hotels
Witten Hotels
Wittenau Hotels
Wittenberg Hotels
Wittmund Hotels
Wolfach Hotels
Wolfen Hotels
Wolfenbuttel Hotels
Wolfsburg Hotels
Worlitz Hotels
Worms Hotels
Wuestenrot Hotels
Wuppertal Hotels
Wurzburg Hotels
Wustrow Hotels
Wyk Auf Foehr Hotels
Xanten Hotels
Zehlendorf Hotels
Zeulenroda Hotels
Zeuthen Hotels
Zeven Hotels
Zingst Hotels
Zinnowitz Hotels
Zirndorf Hotels
Zittau Hotels
Zoo Frankfurt Hotels
Zorneding Hotels
Zossen Hotels
Zweibrucken Hotels
Zweibruecken Hotels
Zwickau Hotels
Zwiesel Hotels