Italy Luxury Hotels

Italy promises magnificent sights, from glorious classic structures to spectacular natural beauty to sophisticated culture. Many places in Italy are worth a visit and there’s certainly a little of everything in each city, town and village. Rome is one of the famous destinations in Italy and it offers many top-notch luxury hotels in Italy, such as The Westin Excelsior Rome, Hotel Majestic Roma and many others. Most of these hotels are strategically located throughout the city allowing you to do many things amongst the bustling Seven Hills. Another popular resort area is Rimini, with its wonderful hotels, such as the Grand Hotel Rimini. The town dated back to the prehistoric era and was once one of the earliest settlements in Italy.

When visiting the Alps in the northern Italy, you can find many luxury hotels and accommodations, such as the La Perla Resort. Tucked away in the magical Alpine area, La Perla Resort offers beautiful natural surroundings and exciting winter activities.

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