Luxury Hotels in France

Paris is the most visited place in the country, but it is only one of many different regions in France, from grape farms to gorgeous Mediterranean beaches to the majestic Alps, there are many places you should visit.

Luxury hotels can be found in many places, for example, you should visit the classic town of Aix-en-Provence. The quiet traffic-free town is a pleasure to explore. You can enjoy the 17th century structures, mossy fountains and bell towers.  The sprawling city of Bordeaux in the southwestern part of the country is known for its museums and château. You can stay at the luxurious Les Sources de Caudalie to enjoy one of the most prestigious French vineyards. Other luxury hotels in France are Hotel Le Cavendish and Hotel Le Canberra in Cannes, Le Palais de la Mediterranee and Hotel La Perouse in Nice; and Hotel Keppler and Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.

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