Luxury Hotels in Germany

Germany offers a unique blend of trendy modern life, amazing landscapes, rustic old Towns and historical landmarks. There are many luxurious hotels in Germany and most of them are located near top destinations.

  • Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg: It is definitely a magnificent building located on a quiet hill in Cologne. The hotel is a wonderful getaway from the bustling modern life.
  • Excelsior Hotel Ernst: Being a popular landmark in Cologne, it has been standing inside the city since 1863, hosting numerous important guests. The excellent world-class luxury hotels are known for its antique furnishings and magnificent traditional interior. Each of its room and suite are tastefully designed and decorated.
  • Villa Kennedy:  it is located conveniently inside the financial center of Frankfurt and known for its remarkably classy style. This high-end luxury hotel occupies an historical structure and luxuriously furnished based on contemporary design. Housed inside the building are the elegant JFK’s bar & lounge, the comfortable restaurant and a fitness facility.

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