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Cheap Accommodations in USA

Motels are the most popular cheap accommodations in the United States and many are located near the interstates. They provide affordable rooms to travelers with cars. Most of them are reasonably priced, clean and provide basic amenities such as bed, bedroom, TV and telephone.

Motel 6 and Super 8 are popular motel chains in USA and you choose them over private-owned ones to ensure a comfortable stay. Generally, reservations are not necessary as motels are arbitrarily chosen during a long road trip. Some bed and breakfasts are actually quite good compared to standard hotels and these are some of them:

  • A.G. Thomson House: Historic Bed and Breakfast in Duluth, Minnesota
  • The Reynolds Mansion in Asheville, North Carolina
  • Canyon Villa Bed and Breakfast Inn in Sedona, Arizona
  • 1884 Tinkerbelle’s Wildwood Bed and Breakfast in Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Liberty Hill Inn in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts

Cheap Accommodations in UK

When you are in the United Kingdom, it’s almost impossible to avoid finding a bed & breakfast along the way. These cheap accommodations usually offer comfortable rooms and typical fried English breakfast. If you are visiting the United Kingdom with a family, it is preferable to rent a private house. Short term rentals apartments are appropriate if you plan to stay in a city for more than a couple of weeks.

Perhaps the cheapest accommodations in the UK are the campsites, which are managed professionally. Wild camping is allowed, however you shouldn’t camp on private property or too close to roads. You may also find lodgings managed by the Landmark Trust, which converts crumbling and nearly abandoned historic buildings to hostels. These are examples of excellent cheap accommodations in the UK:

  • The Twenty One in Brighton
  • The Old Manse in Invermoriston
  • Riverside Hotel in Ambleside
  • Kenley Hotel in Blackpool
  • Byfield House in Painswick
  • One Alloway Retreat in Ayr
  • The Manor Coach House in Worcester

Cheap Accommodations in Spain

Casa rurals in Spain are roughly the equivalent of B&B found in other countries and they offer more homely sort of accommodations than larger hotels. However, unlike what the name implies, not all casa rurals can be found in the rural areas. You can also find them in small towns and also at suburbs of larger cities. The price and quality varies throughout the country and in some places like Galicia, casa rurals are strictly inspected and controlled. If you want to stay for more than one week, you should choose self-catering apartment, but they are only available in towns and cities. These are some of the best cheap accommodations in Spain:

  • Pension Rodri in Granada
  • L’escala Hotel in Mijas
  • Valencia Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Valencia
  • Casa Olea in Priego de Cordoba
  • Los Arcos in Valor
  • Finca Son Jorbo in Porreres
  • Cortijo Valverde in Alora

Cheap Accommodations in Mexico

Mexico has a strong backpacker culture and you can find many hostels offering private rooms and dorm accommodations. Often, you only need to spend about 100 Pesos for a stay in comfortable dorm, which includes a breakfast. Hostels are also the place where you can meet fellow travelers and share important information. You should also visit a number of websites that allows you to book these cheap accommodations for a very small fee. These are some of the excellent bed & breakfasts that can offer you a wonderful stay at affordable rates:

  • The Red Tree House in Mexico City
  • Hacienda Alemana in Puerto Vallarta
  • Casa Chocolate Bed and Breakfast in Cuernavaca
  • B&B Merida Santiago in Merida
  • Casa Zuniga B&B in Guanajuato
  • Cascadas de Merida in Merida
  • Los Arcos Bed & Breakfast in Merida

Cheap Accommodations in Italy

You can find many room rentals and bed & breakfasts in Italy, however hostels are relatively fewer compared to other countries.  Farmstays are becoming more popular in some parts of Italy including in Apulia, Sardinia, Abruzzo, Umbrian, Piedmont and Tuscany. They provide an excellent combination of affordable prices, wonderful sights and tasty foods. There are also some self-catering accommodations in places like Calabria and Amalfi.

Camping allows you to save a lot of money on accommodation. Campsites in Italy are often well-managed. However, managers tend to refuse accepting a group of youths as there were cases where local guys caused some problems, so it’s advisable to book in advance.

The Camping Village Roma is an interesting campground, where you can many basic facilities, such as laundry service, luggage storage and wireless internet access.

Cheap Accommodations in Ireland

Although Ireland offers many highly luxurious hotels, you shouldn’t ignore its cheap accommodations, such as bed & breakfasts. They have good value, are often family-run and are usually very friendly. When choosing a hostel in Ireland, you should make sure that it is marketed under the Independent Holiday Hostels of Ireland. Good youth hostels usually are usually members of the An Oige, a local youth hostel association. These hostels are often located in beautiful and remote places, intended mainly for outdoor activities.

Unfortunately, given the climate, there are fewer campgrounds in Ireland. Wild camping is allowed, however you should seek permission from nearby households, if you camp directly within an eye shot. Avoid camping in areas where plantations and livestocks are present. Some ringforts, castles and lighthouses may also offer cheap accommodations.

Cheap Accommodations is India

India offers many cheap accommodation options. One of them are Dak bungalows, which were established by the colonial British authorities to accommodate traveling officials. For very low fees, travelers can get plain rooms with ceiling fan instead of air conditioning and most don’t have bathtub, however they are generally comfortable, clean and well-maintained by pensioned government employees.

Larger train stations in India offer room or dormitories and for foreigners, they are unbelievably cheap. However, there could be a limit on the duration of your stay, as these rooms are originally intended for transiting travelers. Many cheap bed & breakfasts in India are exquisite and comfortable, these are some of them:

  • Saubhag Bed and Breakfast in New Delhi
  • Aapo Aap Home Stay in Shimla
  • Royal Mist in Munnar
  • Charlottes BnB in New Delhi
  • Aashiyan Bed & Breakfast in New Delhi
  • Aanavilasam Luxury Plantation House in Thekkady
  • Beena Homestay in Kochi (Cochin)

Cheap Accommodations in Germany

Fremdenzimmer or pensionen is a common type of cheap accommodation in Germany, which offers a modest level of comfort at an affordable rate. They can be compared to bed & breakfast in other countries. A pensionen has a room available if it puts up a sign saying “Zimmer frei”. Hostels are also considered as cheap accommodation in Germany and if you want a very low rate, you should choose shared rooms. There are two flavors exist: independent hostels and youth hostels.

Youth hostels are run by an organization called DJH and there are six hundreds official youth hostels in Germany. To sleep in these places, you are required to apply for a membership to any youth hostel organization belonging to the Hostelling International Network. Registration is easy; you only need to show your identity card and fill out a card.

Cheap Accommodations in France

If this is the first time you visit France, you should know that you don’t have to choose top-rated hotels to get a comfortable accommodation. In France, there are a wide variety of accommodation options.

  • Chambers d’hotes: These are the French version of bed and breakfast and can be a great place to stay after a long day of travel.
  • Gites: These small apartments can be a wonderful money-saving option. They cost far less than a standard hotel and you can stay in for meals.
  • Logis: These small hotel-restaurant establishments can be a wonderful place to stay. They are relatively affordable and you can have an easy access to local cuisine.
  • Beinvenue a la ferme: Some farms in France provide comfortable accommodation for tourist. Because they are owned privately, they range from a simple campground to a quaint bed & breakfast.

Cheap Accommodation in Canada

In rural areas of Canada, you can find many motels (motor hotels), which are both simple and small, Visitors can pay as little as $40 to get a room for one night. Another nice option is bed and breakfast (B&B), many are people’s homes modified for guests. From $45 per night, visitors can get a room and breakfast for two.

Youth hostels are also good choice, they offer private rooms ($45 per night) or shared dorms ($20 per night) Useful sources of cheap accommodation in Canada are Pacific Hostel Network, Backpackers Hostels Canada and Hostelling International Canada. Overall, hostels and motels in Canada meet high standards.

Contact universities in large cities to find out whether they rent the dormitory during academic off season, usually between May and August. In addition, you can easily find campgrounds in Canada, they range from publicly operated campgrounds to privately-owned RV parks, and they are generally very beautiful and well-kept.