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Travel to UK

You can find many enchanting and wonderful places in UK and these are five destinations you should choose during your stay in UK:

  • Cornwall: It is famous for its ancient moorland, old mines, quaint fishing villages and stunning coastline.
  • Pembrokeshire: Located in the south-western part of Wales, it’s famous for the wonderful mountain scenery.
  • English Lake District: Due to its sheer natural beauty, the English Lake District is essentially the honey pot for any tourist.
  • Scottish Highlands: The mountain region of Scotland is famous for its dramatic mountainous scenery.
  • Northumberland: Although one of the least visited National Park in the country, Northumberland is absolutely a hidden jewel. The beautiful and quiet area has a spectacular coastline that you should explore. If you love Harry Potter, you should visit the Alnwick castle, which was used for the setting for Hogwarts in the film series.