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Cheap Accommodations in Spain

Casa rurals in Spain are roughly the equivalent of B&B found in other countries and they offer more homely sort of accommodations than larger hotels. However, unlike what the name implies, not all casa rurals can be found in the rural areas. You can also find them in small towns and also at suburbs of larger cities. The price and quality varies throughout the country and in some places like Galicia, casa rurals are strictly inspected and controlled. If you want to stay for more than one week, you should choose self-catering apartment, but they are only available in towns and cities. These are some of the best cheap accommodations in Spain:

  • Pension Rodri in Granada
  • L’escala Hotel in Mijas
  • Valencia Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Valencia
  • Casa Olea in Priego de Cordoba
  • Los Arcos in Valor
  • Finca Son Jorbo in Porreres
  • Cortijo Valverde in Alora