Travel to Ireland

Ireland is a fascinating place to visit, with amazing landscape and numerous tourist destinations located within a relatively small area. These are some of places you should visit during your travel to Ireland:

  • Dublin: A travel to Ireland won’t be complete without spending at least a few days in its capital, Dublin. It has many fascinating structures such as the general post office and the university.
  • Waterford: Waterford is famous for its crystals and you should visit the factory to purchase some crystal souvenirs. You can discover how artisans employ their excellent engraving skill.
  • Golf: Ireland offers some of the most famous golf courses and a few are designed by Jack Nicklaus himself. Golfing is one if the main reasons why people choose to go to Ireland.
  • Historical tour: Those who are fascinated by historical subjects should visit sites, such as monastic establishments and Gallarus Oratory.

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