Travel to Italy

There are more natural scenery and art objects in Italy than you could possibly experience in your lifetime. Venice, Florence and Rome alone have an unending array of tourist attractions. These are some of the top highlights you should visit during a travel to Italy

  • Coliseum: It is purely a classic architectural marvel, which was constructed in the 1st century AD. Originally a center of entertainment, you’ll still find the Coliseum as a wonderful site
  • Vatican City: It is one of the world’s smallest nations and you can find it at the heart of Rome. Vatican Museum is available for visit during daytime and you can see real masterpieces of arts on the Sistine Chapel.
  • Il Duomo: Many consider it as the greatest achievement of the Renaissance era. Its octagonal dome was the largest when it was constructed.
  • Piazza San Marco: It is still regarded by many today’s urban planners and architects as one of the best public squares. You’ll find it surrounded by many shops and cafes, while St. Peter’s Basilica and Campanile are located nearby.

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