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There are many wonderful hotels throughout the United States, places like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago have some of the finest hotels in the world. They offer palatial structures complete with unbelievably superior services, amazing foods, comfortable furniture, hi-tech gadgetry and the best amenities available. Luxury hotels in the US have hosted billionaires, celebrities, world leaders, kings and others who demand the highest excellence and have the money to pay for it.

The City Hotel in New York was the first hotel opened up in the US and it was dedicated to house the world’s most affluent and brightest people. It offered amenities and services then that are still standards in the industry today. Many luxury and boutique hotels in United States still follow the same tradition. Discretion, sophistication and luxury are priorities of these establishments.

On West Coast, California is full of stars who demand the best and the state’s best hotels reflect this. From the prices they charge and the amenities they offer, it’s easy to see that California’s greatest hotels aren’t for just anyone. Patrons wearing grape-sized diamonds and multimillion dollar cars demand imported mineral water for their dogs and the best caviar. Hotels in Miami and Las Vegas are no different, these two cities are popular tourist attractions and their suites boast world’s finest furnishings. One night at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand and the Paris Las Vegas can cost wealthy consumers $5000.

On the other hand, the most common form of accommodation in rural US is motels and you can find them along Interstates. They are reasonably cheap, clean and offer standard amenities, which are great alternatives to luxury hotels.

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